9 Gender-Neutral Coats for Kids That Are All the Rage Right Now

After much public scrutiny online, Target stores recently announced that they’re doing away with gender-based signs in the kids’ departments so families don’t “feel frustrated or limited by the way things are presented. While this paves a new path for how clothing sections at Target (there’s a probability that other chains may follow suit), it also breathes new life into the options out there for gender-neutral clothes for kids.

Transitioning into late summer and fall can sometimes be tricky when it comes to outerwear. You want a coat that’s warm enough for your kids, but not so overwhelming that they’re burning up and ditching it on the playground, never to be found again.

Here are nine unisex coats that I’ve been scooping out for my boys this season that work wonderfully for girls, too. Check them out in the slideshow.

More Coats for Kids:


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