Throwback Thursday: Totally Rad ’80s Shirts for Kids

My early childhood took place in the ’80s, and I’m completely obsessed with all the retro ’80s gear I’m seeing lately. I don’t know whether it’s awesome or scary that the decade of my childhood is now deemed old enough to be considered retro, but I’m loving the trend either way.

From Ferris to Beetlejuice, TMNT to He-Man, “Thriller” to “Modern Love,” there are so many great pop culture moments of the eighties. And now that I have kids (that are young enough that they’ll wear whatever I put on them…yes, I’m savoring the days), I’m always on the lookout for tees for them that throw me back to my own childhood. Check out my favorite totally rad ’80s shirts for kids (that also double as a killer reminder of all of your favorites from back in the day) in the slideshow.


Who else is a child of the eighties out there? Which of these is your favorite?

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