Back to School Fall Trends

As kids head off back to school the air is turning cooler, but we’re wondering what’s hot in fall fashion. If your children want to rule the school, they better strut the hallways in the hippest designs. We take a peek at upcoming trends so you’re prepared with up-to-date outfits that boast trailblazing looks. Best off all, these styles are totally accessible and available at Old Navy for great prices.


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Clean Lines

This season, preppy is popular, so think: collared shirts and crisp button downs. Eliminate ruffles, rouching, and flowing fabrics in favor of simpler styles. Even military-inspired looks, with boxy silhouettes and modest shapes, are totally on-trend. Fresh, clean lines and a tidy, well-groomed appearance make for a classic style statement that gets an A+ from us!

Bright Colors

You’ve likely noticed pops of bright neon dotting the streets this summer, and our sources say: that rocking reto 80’s trend will continue into the fall! A fun twist on these crazy colors? Now, they’re adorning kids’ kicks. Pick up a pair of cute shoes in an eye-catching hue that your little one will love and watch him run circles around the competition. Or keep your cool colors relegated to clothes—you’ve got options.

Big Bold Patterns

Whether your child prefers unpretentious patterns like houndstooth, stripes, and plaid, or she likes to walk on the wild side with animal prints, this season has something to offer everyone in the way of smart printed styles. Check out the latest in retail stores and you’ll see there’s nothing uniform about these patterns.

Go Green

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to go green (although it doesn’t hurt!). Last winter, Pantone announced emerald as the color of the year, which means all shades of green are still game for the fall season. Work gorgeous greens into your kids’ outfits for modern flairs that are fashion forward.

Swanky Hats

Have your kid keep a cool head while staying warm by donning a fabulous hat this fall. Current runway looks feature whimsical beanies, but your child can adorn his noggin with his favorite kind of head gear and still stay stylish. Best of all, this fashion fad becomes fully functional when the weather turns frosty. We just love sensible styles.


There nothing meek about the toasty and totally trendy turtlenecks that will be making an appearance this season. Not only will they keep your little ones warm, turtlenecks are very versatile so your child can dress ’em up or down with plenty of personality and endless options. Slow and steady wins the race, and your kid is sure to be a fashion frontrunner in these chic shirts.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy.