Halloween Costumes For Boys

Does anyone know where 2011 went? Summer has come and gone and now that I’m seeing Halloween costumes pop up all over, it reminds me that the start of the Holiday season is about to begin.


Halloween time is a favorite for me (and the kids). I love hearing my children ponder over what they want to dress up as and I adore watching them run from house to house with huge smiles on their faces. I can do without the candy but the hundreds of pictures with nothing but smiles, under a cute costume, make it all worth it.

While my kids scheme over who they want to dress up as, I have my favorites as well. Luckily I have a toddler still so I get to pick at least one costume for another year or two but my older boys are pretty set on their decision. Here are some favorites from my list… and theirs.

Halloween Costumes For Boys


Astronaut Costume at Chasing Fireflies $50.00

T-Rex Costume at Chasing Fireflies $39.00




Halloween Costumes For BoysGreat White Shark Costume at Chasing Fireflies $49.00


Triceratops Costume at Chasing Fireflies $39.00


Halloween Costumes For Boys


Buzz Lightyear Costume at Chasing Fireflies $40.00


Woody Costume at Chasing Fireflies $40.00


Halloween Costumes For BoysOne-eyed Monster at Pottery Barn Kids $59.00


Puffy puppy Costume at Pottery Barn Kids $54.00


Halloween Costumes For Boys


Robo-Kid Costume at Chasing Fireflies $98.00

Lightning McQueen Cars 2 Costume at Disney $44.50