Mom-Appropriate (and Approved) Halloween Costumes for You

I love Halloween. It's a great time of year to let loose, have fun and show the kids that Mom can dress-up, too. However, I Have an issues with draw the line at every costume being "sexy." Why doesn't it have to be a sexy cat costume? Can't I just wear a cat costume? This is especially problematic when you're having to dress-up for your child's school or a kid-friendly party. This year you can be extremely stylish and look great in a costume that has nothing to do with sexy, glam or sassy. Here's a few of my top picks that everyone in the neighborhood will be wanting to have next year because you wore it so well.

Leopard Cat Costume $69.50 at


Miss. Piggy Costume $38.93 at

I Love Lucy Costume $28.99 at

Fab 50s Girl Costume $64.50 at

Queen of Hearts Costume $32.99 at

Dragon Ninja $24.99 at