Weight Loss Challenge [Update]: I Can’t Believe I Did THIS

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So too, it appears, does a journey to get healthy and change a lifetime of a diet mentality. It’s been five months since I started working with Debi Silber, the Mojo Coach, and two months since our last meeting. When I first began the program, I comforted myself with the idea that I’d just start eating “normally” when Debi exited my life. Imagine my surprise when the habits she helped me instill, well, stuck. 

It’s become second nature to order salads and sub double vegetables for potatoes at restaurants. I bake cookies and bread for the kids without a bit of temptation to snag a bit for myself. With one week-long exception, I’ve been grain, sugar, legume, and potato free and I don’t miss a thing. My grain free, sugar free scones are chock full of blueberry goodness, my zucchini pasta is company worthy, and I’ve become very adept at scanning recipes and substituting the unhealthy items. Even more interesting, food has become less important. Instead of feeling the need to gorge myself, I’m happy with a little bit of something utterly amazing.

That’s not to say the summer has been without struggle. Living in wine country, the summer has also brought out the barrels. Even knowing the sugars in the drink are not my friends, I’ve found myself pouring a glass at BBQs and parties. Unlike previous “health kicks,” however, I didn’t let it get me down and simply started the next day with a big glass of water. As Debi says, I have to make this plan livable and in my world; that means a glass of wine or two on occasion.

But if there’s one thing Debi’s program taught me, it’s that weight loss is only part of the journey which I proved when I donned my swimsuit and went swimming at the local pool with the kids rather than sitting on the sidelines. I wasn’t rocking a bikini or even toned and tight — yet — in my one piece; but, I’m feeling stronger and more confident no matter what I’m wearing. It was worth it to listen to my son’s excited, “You’re the coolest mom ever!” when I taught them to swim in a somersault underwater.

Then the Fourth of July brought yet another example of the changes in my life. Instead of sitting on the sand, keeping my legs and belly covered, I stripped to my swimsuit, grabbed a boogie board and rode the waves with the kids. I ended up with sand in my ears, salt stinging my eyes, and a grin on my face matched by the grin on my children’s faces.

As the summer comes to an end, I look back on the last three months and the changes in my life. I can’t wait to see what the next three months will bring. Oh. And for those of you keeping track of the silly thing called pounds, the total lost is twenty-two and the total sizes down is two. For those of you interested in strength, I can now do 30 regular push-ups in a minute. I’ll take that.

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