Will a Juice Cleanse Get Me Ready for Bikini Season?

I started the Ritual Wellness Cleanse yesterday. After a freezing winter that was dubbed with the phrase polar vortex I'm ready to shed my heavy winter clothes and a few pounds to boot. I'm not cleansing for major weight loss—it's more about flushing out my system—from all that warm mac 'n cheese, red wine and pizza that were sort of staple go-to foods during never-ending blizzards.

I also broke my hand in November and was in a hard cast through January. It was super depressing for many reasons: I needed help with basic tasks, like zipping my pants, caring for my son, and I couldn't exercise which brought on the maj blues. My doc didn't even want me on the treadmill because he was scared I'd fall and I didn't exactly want to break a sweat in a hard cast, feel me?


As I was researching cleanses I kept two major things in mind: I only wanted to cleanse for three days and I needed raw juices that would sustain me and allow me to continue working out now that my doc cleared me. After reading about Ritual Wellness online I was sold and ordered the Classic Reset Cleanse.

A box of 18 juices were delivered to my doorstep on ice, and I immediately popped them in the fridge. The day before my cleanse I cut carbs and animal products and ate raw fruits and veggies. And prayed.

On day one I made myself a steaming mug of lemon water (something I do anyway) and committed to the cleanse feeling upbeat and certain I would succeed.

The cleanse suggested six juices a day: four chlorophyll-rich green blends, one alkalizing lemonade, and one protein packed nut mylk. I'm a fan of green juice so starting my morning with juice made of apple, spinach, cucumber, and kale is fine by me. I tasted the parsley and lemon mostly. It was earthy and crisp! After I chugged that first one, I got to work at my computer and before I knew it, it was time for juice #2. This one was made up of orange, cranberry, and ginger. It was zippy and reminded me of a vodka cranberry cocktail and Christmas! 

Next up was Green-Ginger juice for lunch. It was a bummer because I wanted food. A yummy, big salad or sushi. Something to chomp on. I poured my juice over ice and slurped it up with a straw. I chased it with some fresh lemon water to feel extra full. In between juices you can sip on green tea and nosh on avocado or romaine salad, so I indulged in a green salad come dinner time. Dessert was tasty since the nutty mylk juice tastes like a milk shake. Yep, a milk shake! It got rough when my son went to bed because I was hungry and wanted a snacker. Usually I chomp on an apple, veggies or air popped popcorn but that was all out. Alas, I drank a lot of water and found solice on Netflix. I'm watching Weeds for the first time. It's about a single mom that sells weed to keep afloat. 

I woke up hungry today! That piping hot lemon water was like a stack of pancakes, it tasted so good! It was tough watching my little guy throw back grapes and mini chocolate chip muffins, but I drank my green juice, got his butt to the bus stop and my butt on the treadmill. 


The plan is to repeat this until tomorrow. This is a nice cleanse for busy moms because you can bring the juices anywhere (they even provide a cute tote!) and you're only committing to three days. I'll be done come the weekend and while I won't be diving into bacon, eggs, and pancakes at the diner, I'll be able to keep my son's routine and order up a healthy bowl of Greek yogurt and fruit when we're out brunching, since it's recommended that you ease back into to eating whole foods. Added thumbs up to Ritual Wellness since my son calls the green juice: HULK FUEL!