High-Intensity Interval Training Part 2: A Huge Fitness Hit for Moms

Benefits of HIIT training stretch far and wide. These benefits include:

Efficiency. YES, you can benefit your body in twenty minutes rather than 45 to an hour! Research shows 15-20 minutes of HIIT can help you better achieve your weight and fitness goals than one hour on the treadmill or elliptical.

Increased fat burned. The body better oxidizes fats during a HIIT routine. Hyper-exertion stimulates hyper-repair; which means you can burn more fat and calories in the whole day after a HIIT session than you could after a steady-paced cardio session. This is great news for new moms! When we’ve added excess pounds to our pregnancy weight gain, we’re often left with some extra “souvenirs” from our pregnancy, in the form of a few (or many) extra pounds to lose. To lose post-baby-weight and burn fat; HIIT is truly a win-win!

HIIT for a healthier heart! During full-capacity bursts, your heart is pumping at full capacity, forcing your cardiovascular system to its limits. Having a healthy heart is crucial to combat the stress you may be feeling as a busy parent.

There is no exercise equipment necessary. This means you can bring HIIT with you anywhere you go! Exercises like high knees, fast feet, plyometrics and jumping lunges all raise heart rate and simultaneously give you that hard-working muscle burn. Engaging in HITT while your child is at a baseball or soccer practice, a dance or gymnastics class or simply doing homework can be a great opportunity to fit in a quick fat-burning work out.

You will burn more fat, NOT lose muscle. It is hard to not lose muscle mass with weight-loss goals. HIIT allows those on a quest to lose excess pounds to preserve muscle mass while burning fat.

Increased metabolism. HIIT stimulates human growth hormone “by up to 450 percent during the 24 hours after you finish your workout,” which is responsible for increased calories burned and a slower aging process!

Stay challenged, not bored! HIIT requires 100 percent effort and engagement, the workout is short but you will be working the whole time.

Enhanced endurance follows an improved ability to intake and transport oxygen. Having more oxygen flowing keeps your energy levels up, boosting your physical and mental ability to take on your role as a busy mom.

As always, having fun by playing with your kids at the park or at home is a natural way to create a HIIT routine. Strengthening your body while strengthening your bond with your child. Now that’s a great reason to HIIT!

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