Fitness Apps (That Really Work!) to Battle Holiday Bulge

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with the holidays. I love all the warmth, glitter & glow, but I hate that my clothes always end up feeling too tight by the time January arrives. One of the nicest things about the holidays is the social aspect of getting together with friends and family. Some studies have indicated that including exercise accountability as a part of your social online community can greatly increase your results for weight loss goals or when setting goals for hitting new fitness benchmarks.

Fitness apps have made both these aspects super easy to combine and they can be easily customized for your own needs and goals. Most of the time we carry our cell phones with us anyway, so there’s never an excuse for not adding one of these apps to your phone, since it usually takes less than a minute. Next, consider recruiting a couple friends to join you on the same app as a means to make your efforts more accountable and ultimately yield all of you better results.


A great place to get started is with MyFitnessPal since it features a social component that will help you stay on track. Their data tracking indicates that the more friends you add to it, the better your overall results. So you can easily set goals right along with your friends, keep track of what you eat and figure in your workouts too. Apparently peer pressure can sometimes be a positive thing.App 1



Music is another great motivator for getting yourself off the couch and away from that plate of holiday cookies. If you’ve already created your own workout playlists, that’s great. However, if you don’t have your own playlists or you’re looking for a way to change things up a bit, FitRADIO will get you off and running instantly. They already have custom mixes and your workout won’t get interrupted by having to listen to annoying ads either.App 2



If you’re looking to target toning and strengthening specific areas of your body, FitnessBuddy will become your new best friend. It provides over 1700 specific exercises, along with step-by-step instructions & videos that will help guide you and keep you from becoming bored. Plus it also provides a journaling system that will help you keep track of your progress and keep your workouts well 3


They’ve really made it too easy for us. So now the only thing standing between you and keeping your waistline in check during the holidays this year is you!

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