How to Get Sexy Summer Arms

Mothering is a physically demanding job. We lift, carry, hoist, and drag all day long. However, without effective arm exercises to target specific muscle groups, we cannot achieve toned, sexy arms. Get yours here.


Biceps: Curls for Girls

These are business as usual. Attention to biceps is the gateway to great arms. Perform standing biceps curls with feet shoulder width apart, elbows close to your sides, palms facing forward. Alternate curling arms by bending elbow and bringing palm up to shoulder in a controlled movement. Be sure not to swing your arms, rather, use a controlled motion when lifting. Keep core muscles engaged and back steady. Complete 10 repetitions with challenging weight, 12 repetitions with moderate weight, followed by a final set of 15 repetitions relatively comfortable weight. Take one minute rest between each set.

Triceps: Skull Crushers

Triceps are the antagonist muscles to biceps and responsible for elbow extension. With summer here and tank tops in season, there is nothing sexy about flabby under arms that continue to jiggle after you have stopped waving. Lie on your back with weighted bar (free weights can be substituted here, as well), hands close together, palms facing up. The backs of your hands should be touching your forehead lightly. Extend hands upward to lift bar off forehead until arms are straight, but elbows are not locked out. Lower bar back down slowly to forehead. Repeat 12 to 15 times. Move directly into dips without rest- see next exercise.

Dips: Double Duty

These can be done in the gym, on a park bench, or even on a sturdy chair at home. Sit on bench with hands next to your thighs. Grasp the front of bench, raise your rear up and shift forward so you come off the bench and have transferred your weight to your arms. Legs are bent, as you lower your body and bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Be sure not to shrug your shoulders as you dip down. Come back to starting position, repeat. Aim for 10 to 15 dips. These are highly effective and will reinforce results when followed by triceps. Rest for one minute, then repeat another set of skull crushers followed immediately again with dips. Perform this pattern three times through.

Smoldering Shoulders: Overhead Press

The pinnacle of perfect arms is sculpted shoulders, and they are low maintenance to achieve. Sit with bent elbows, weights at shoulders, palms facing forward. Push weights up in an arc, connecting it at the top above your head when weights touch. Lower arms back to starting position, repeat 12 times for 3 sets. Take one minute rest between sets.

Pushups: the "Poor Girl’s Exercise"

Performed anywhere, pushups are highly versatile and adaptable for all levels of ability. Best of all, there is no equipment required. Using your own body weight as resistance, pushups can be performed the standard way or modified with bent knees. The most important thing is to maintain correct alignment. Prevent your belly from drooping when lowering torso to floor, shoulders aligned with hips, elbows bent to 90 degrees as you lower your body.

Sexy and Well-Suited

Strong arms are not just sexy- they are more efficient. Carrying little ones, lifting groceries, and hosting kids into car seats are all activities that require muscle power. Make your mothering job a little easier by increasing your arm strength to help shoulder the burden of daily life. Don’t forget your cardio routine: toned arms are achieved through both strength training and fat burning exercises.