Overlooked Essentials Your Family Needs For Fall

When the seasons change, I want my wardrobe to change as well. I generally have high hopes, meaning, I wistfully peruse my favorite fashion sites to get a handle on what the chic people are wearing before settling down on the couch to eat an apple fritter in the tattered robe I ordered from a discount club.

This is my favorite time of year, when the weather turns crisp and I can put away my summer yoga pants. (Yes, I actually own “summer weather” yoga pants and “fall weather” yoga pants. It’s because I’m awesome.) I love moving my flip flops and sandals to the back corner of my closet and pulling out my booties and sneakers. For me, swapping out my wardrobe signifies the end of the sweltering heat and the beginning of festivity.

But, since becoming a full-time mom, I’ve struggled with my closet in more ways that one. Not only is it hard to find clothing that fits in a flattering way, but it can be almost impossible to find pieces that are functional, comfortable, and the most difficult part of all: cute. Sure, jeans and sweaters are great, but can we just be real for a minute? I can’t deal with jeans for more than a few hours at a time. I need to be able to move; I need to be able to breathe; I don’t want to show anyone my muffin top or my ass crack; I want to look like I have my life together. IS ALL OF THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK?

Maybe it was … until I discovered CHAPS. I was familiar with their boy’s and men’s clothing, but never realized they carry a women’s line. It’s convenient to pick up a few things for myself when I’m shopping for the kids, and I gotta say, breaking away from ordinary basics feels pretty good.

Here are some overlooked essentials your family needs for fall!


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