10 Very Cool Ways To Reinvent Your Jeans

Let me introduce you to a few easy ways to reinvent your jeans. As a mom, the reality is my fashion choices have changed. It’s okay that I no longer rock sky-high heels and can’t fit into my old leather leggings, but I still want to look cool. And while embellished or distressed denim is definitely hot right now, I would much rather have fun reinventing an old pair of my own jeans (or a new cheap pair that’s plain!) than paying up for a trend that may or may not still be in style in a year.

Changing up your jeans is also a fun activity you can do with the kids. Any little scraps you have left over from the more complicated projects, like the DIY jean skirt in this round-up, can go toward outfitting dolls or be used as cool art materials. I love to do projects and crafts at home, so breaking out an old pair of jeans that need a facelift and getting dirty is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with the kids — or even by myself!

Looking for some easy ways to change up your look? Here are some very cool ways reinvent your jeans.