Get Your Kids Looking Cool for Summer With Nike’s Air Max Tiny 90s

In a world where fashion crazes can change faster than trending hashtags, dressing your youngster in a way that channels the ‘coolest kid in school’ vibe is no mean feat.

Speaking of feet, you’re in luck, because the cult classic that forever cemented Nike’s position as the King Of Sneakers is now available in tiny sizes at Foot Locker, and — just like Taylor Swift — they never go out of style.

Released in 1990, the original Air Max 90 went on to become one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. From its eye-popping infrared colour palette to its striking silhouette, this boss trainer spent the decade inspiring hordes of shoppers to flood into their local Foot Locker to get their toes into some of the iconic kicks, and stamped down the store’s reputation as the world’s #1 Nike hub.

But the revolutionary AM90 didn’t just karate-kick the streetwear world firmly in its keister — it left a lasting footprint on pop culture as well.

From gracing the feet of the decade’s most fierce figures — from basketball legends to hip-hop heroes, movie stars and the President of the United States himself — to triggering priceless reactions when teens got to unwrap a pair of their own on Christmas morning…


(Don’t act like this wasn’t you.)

…Nike’s AM90 started a full-on sneaker revolution.

Flash-forward to now, and mums and dads everywhere can share the nostalgia with their mini-sneakerheads and relive the joy of cracking open the box on their first pair of Air Maxes, because Nike has just remastered the cult classic for tiny feet!


Available in toddler and pre-schooler sizes at Foot Locker, the new Air Max Tiny 90s deliver on the original classic look. There’s lashings of infrared on a white and black silhouette, with an updated cushioning system perfect for growing feet, flex grooves to allow easy movement in the forefoot and a heel-pull for ease of entry.

The extra kick? The new Air Max Tiny 90s are slip-on (so no pesky laces), which means your little ones can get swagged out and styled up with approximately zero hassle.

Get Your Kids Looking Cool for Summer With Nike’s Air Max Tiny 90s

It won’t be hard to wrap your ankle-biters’ ankles in the hottest retro kicks this summer either, because the new Air Max Tiny 90s are available right now at (of course) your friendly neighbourhood Foot Locker.

Before you head there to stock up, you can dive feet-first into some smooth styling tips and the latest streetwear inspo from some of our favourite Instagram mums who’ve decked their kids out with the latest kicks, below:

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