15 Chic Outfits That Feel Like Pajamas

More often than not, getting ready in the morning is a half-*ssed chore that usually gets pushed aside while I deal with my kids’ emergencies du jour. Yoga pants always feel like a good idea in the moment—they lend themselves perfectly to running around all day—but I’ve vowed to not give up being stylish. Looking put together sets the tone for me for the day. If I look sloppy, I often feel sloppy. Plus, I’m never 100% sure where the day will take me, and if I have to pop into a meeting or meet with a colleague last-minute, running in in a sweatshirt and stretch pants is a total no-no.

I’m not going to lie, though: I went through a period where the days I wore yoga pants outnumbered the days that I left the house in a presentable outfit. That’s when I knew it was time to revamp my closet. I bought a few key pieces, and it totally paid off. Here are fifteen outfits that feel like pajamas but look so much more put together. It’s a win win! The key to making comfort look cool is to be mindful of the styling. The right sandal can take that simple shift dress and make it super chic.

Check out these fifteen outfits that look put together (but feel totally comfy) in the slideshow.

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