How to Wear a Hat Without Looking Like a Nerd

Have you worn a hat recently?

Most women I know have a love/hate relationship with hats. On one hand, they are the fastest way to cover up a bad hair day (or non-showering week) and, if done well, can invoke style in a way other accessories just can’t compete with; on the other hand, they can be tricky to wear without looking, well, nerdy. We’ve all been there—you leave the house feeling like you finally nailed this hat thing, only to walk by a window and realize you look more Lord Grantham out for a day of hunting than Lady Mary at tea and, actually, you were hoping to not look like any character from Downton Abbey, but instead like Jessica Alba at her most effortless, breezing into a meeting and taking charge while eliciting “oohs and ahhs.” Not that I’ve put any thought into this at all.

Fortunately, there are a few tried and true tips for how to wear a hat that, if followed properly, will turn you into a hat aficionado, able to wear hats in any season with any outfit. I’ve put together some of this season’s hottest hats with tips that apply pretty much across the board. So quit showering and go get yourself a hat! Check them out in the slideshow.

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