5 easy wardrobe swaps for summer

Hello, Hot Weather! 5 Easy Swaps to Cool Down Your Wardrobe

You won’t hear it on Game of Thrones, but summer is well and truly here. And it’s not sneaking in quietly. Old mother nature is testing out the AC on full power: one second it’s freezing cold, the next it’s boiling hot.

Manage the sweat differential with some chic style updates that’ll have you swanning into the hot weather as fresh as a daisy. Hell, even for those of us whose freshness has gone the way of a full night’s sleep, at least we can look the part! 

Coolish to Hot Wardrobe Swap #1

5 easy wardrobe swaps for summer

Long a fave with Elle Macpherson and Liz Hurley, this summer white jeans are the ultimate way to do smart-cas. Stock up on Napisan and don’t stress about the dirt.

Shop: Denim Jeans, $89.95, Seed Heritage

Coolish to Hot Wardrobe Swap #2 5 easy wardrobe swaps for summer

Call me a prude but I’m just not a fan of the under-singlet bra strap flash. Enter the flowing floral dress. With a nod to the seventies and an SPF that leaves sleeveless tops for dead, it gives covered-up a good name.

Shop: Floral Wrap Dress, $149.95, Seed Heritage.

Coolish to Hot Wardrobe Swap #35 easy wardrobe swaps for summer

Where previous seasons have been all about tight and bright, this summer there’s a more refined grown-up mood. Yay! These culottes are smart enough to wear to the office, but also strike the perfect note at afternoon pick-up time. Win. 

Shop: Fine Stripe Culotte Pant, $99.95, Seed Heritage

Coolish to Hot  Wardrobe Swap #4

5 easy wardrobe swaps for summer

I love a good shirt dress. But on the beach? Well, the look is less Hawaii Five-0 and more pant-less CEO. A cute creamy shift dress is the perfect alternative. Think simple, smart but with a frayed edge to give it a chillaxed vibe. 

Shop: Frayed Shift Dress, $99.95, Seed Heritage

Other ideas to warm up your spring:

Images: Hipster Mum via Seed Heritage 

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