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Hip Mums Weigh In: Unique & Quirky Gifts We Really Want for Mother’s Day

Fact: Every mum is different.  So why are Mother’s Day gifts so same-same (rose hand cream, anyone?). Instead of opting for a generic gift pack, this year we asked some of the coolest mums around for some pressie recommendations (for them—or their mums) as unique and quirky as they come. 

WHO: Food Stylist and photographer Jackielyn Powell of Insidethetreasurechest


WHAT: The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, $40

WHY: Artist Kim Krans is an artist, writer, and yogi with a 50K following on Instagram. A large part of her following is credited to the incredible energy she’s poured into the illustrations that appear in these cards. I’ve used mine so much they’re getting a little tired. I’ve found they’re just the perfect thing to pull out and have a quick reading while waiting for dinner or when friends drop by for a cuppa. 



WHO: Alexandra O’Callaghan founder and designer at Mamabelle Maternity Style


WHAT: Vulnerability is the Birthplace…Creativity Brene Brown Printable Art Print, $7.57

WHY: There are times when the competing demands of motherhood and building and growing a business can become overwhelming, exhausting and difficult to manage. Inspiring quotes and affirmations really help me to remain positive, inspired, and strong. I love this quote because it is a great reminder that vulnerability is a good thing—it’s where the magic happens!



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WHO: Graphic Designer Elsie Houston of Elsieinvents.com


WHAT: Sole Society Cassidy Vegan Weekender, $69.95 

WHY: I’m from the UK, so my parents come out here at least once a year. My mum is always on the lookout for bags big enough to stash family essentials, but small enough for the overhead compartment. These tick the box while looking great—plus, they’re vegan, which has the animal lover in me smiling. 


dee tang kawaiian lion image by hipster mum

WHO: Dee Tang, designer and founder of homewares label, Kawaiian Lion


WHAT: Venice Jewellery Planets in Orbit Stud earring, $80

WHY: Who can go past a collection with “magellanic cloud” in the title?! I adore this.


hipster mum image by hipster mum

WHO: Jade Warne, blogger at Hipster Mum

natalie alamein clutch image by hipster mum

WHAT: Natalie Alamein clutch, $250

WHY: What with all the bags my mum carries (school bags, work bags, gym bags) the last thing she needs is another one. Instead, I’m desperate to get her a fun little clutch to stash her keys/wallet/phone and make all the other mums jealous when she walks in to get her coffee! 



WHO: Elizabeth Rowe, blogger at Squeakandsquirrel



WHAT: I like handmade over store-bought on Mother’s Day because I love the thought behind bits and pieces crafted with heart. So why not bake or buy your mum’s favourite pastry (or cake) and top it with flowers? Sweet as pie! Image and instructions via The Proper Blog.


[IMAGE CREDITS: Hipster Mum]

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