The “It” Bag of 2015: Why You Need a Bucket Bag In Your Life Right Now

Some women change their purses like they change their underwear—they swap it out every single day. Others like to do a purse change based on the event they are going to, for example using a mini bag or backpack for a sporting event and a clutch for date nights, while keeping their everyday bag consistent. Still others change their purse by the season. Personally, I’m a mix of all three. I love purses and find them to be the ultimate accessory. To kick off the new year, I’ve been eyeing the bucket bag as an alternative to the cross-body and messenger bags we saw in 2014. Ranging from big to small, the bucket bag is the “it” bag for the year and is perfect for carrying all your daily essentials and the kids’ stuff too.

More Accessories for 2015:

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