How to Wear Shorts to Work (If You Dare)

If your corporate dress code is pretty relaxed on Fridays, you can easily get away with wearing shorts to the office—but cutoffs and a tee are definitely not how it works. My office’s air conditioner is constantly broken on the summer’s hottest days; it’s almost like clockwork. When the forecast calls for 90 degrees+, I know I’d better dress my coolest possible, and wearing shorts to the office almost becomes a necessity. They’re often more comfortable than dresses (hello, swamp thighs), and if done right, they do look downright professional. Granted, it doesn’t work for every office, but I’m grateful for our casual Fridays that do allow for a bit of leeway in the corporate dress code department.

If you’ve never worn shorts to work before but have seen people around your office do it, this is the summer to get on board. Dare to rock shorts to work! All you need are these tips on how to wear shorts to work and look polished while doing it. Check out the tips, plus my favorite work-worthy pairs in the slideshow.

What do you think? Can you get away with wearing shorts to the office? Weigh in in the comments.

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