The Eyes Have It-Warby Parker Chic Glasses For $95

For all the refreshing we do in our accessories collections, sometimes we forget our most functional, everyday workhorses need some updating, too.  Let’s talk about eyeglasses!



Warby Parker should be your first stop.  This hip online boutique (for those of us outside of New York, San Francisco, Oklahoma City or Portland) offers tons of frame styles available in multiple finishes for only $95 each.  You can search by face shape and width as well.

But how do you buy frames online without risking the odd fit or wrong color to go with your hair (yes that matters)?  You use their At-Home Try-On service – up to five frames at a time for five days with a free return shipping label included.

The Eyes Have It-Warby Parker Chic Glasses For $95

I love this approach. You really get to “live” with the glasses for a good amount of time, unlike in traditional eyewear stores or your optometrist’s office.  No rush to make a decision and if you don’t find the ones you like? Return them and get five more!

Not loving the glasses you bought?  They have a 100% guaranteed, 30-day free return policy.

The Eyes Have It-Warby Parker Chic Glasses For $95 

On top of all the chic style and the personal service, Warby Parker also has a global heart.  They have partnered with Vision Spring to train low-income women in developing countries to sell affordable glasses in their communities so that people who are surviving on less than $4 a day can have the glasses they so desperately need.  Additionally, much like the TOMS shoes model, they have a buy-a-pair / give-a-pair donation model for those areas of the world that have need.  

Warby Parker has tons of styles for men and women – even sunglasses.  Go on – have a little fun!  Give your face an update!  Then practice your “peering over the top of glasses flirty eye” move.  It’s better than a hair flip.