Five Places to Buy Cool Glasses Online (for Cheap!)

Remember in the old days when it was a HUGE deal to get a new pair of glasses? As a kid, we’d go to the optometrist once every four years where I’d desperately search a wall of glasses for a pair that Molly Ringwald might deem acceptable. I’d end up with a pair that were sort of what I wanted, but always off the mark somehow, and then spend the next four years daydreaming about the next pair that was sure to change my life forever. (Yes, I’ve always been prone to hyperbole.) 

Well, no more. With the explosion of online glasses shops, you can try on a variety of cool, interesting styles to your heart’s content and, best of all, not break the bank! All of these brands’ glasses start under $100, so you can treat them more like an accessory and less like an investment you have to be really careful not to sit on. 


Here are my five favorite places to buy cool glasses online:



This whole post came about because one of my favorite blogs is doing a kickin’ collaboration with Bonlook (yes, I bought the gold pair), which is where I think they set themselves apart. I found their blogger partnerships really helpful when trying to decide which pairs I liked because I could see them on a real person in a (semi-) real situation. They also have a huge variety of vintage-inspired styles and pairs that are just plain cute.

Try-on tools: Virtual try-on, Perfect Fit Questionnaire that points you in the direction of which glasses would be most comfortable, and the most helpful tool, I thought, photos of people actually wearing the glasses

Free returns? Yes

Pricing: $99 and free shipping

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