Fall Must Have: Red Flats

Let’s face it. Sometimes we get into style ruts. It happens to the best of us.


Know the best way to fix that? A great pop of color at your feet. Enter: The Red Flat.

There’s a lot written about heels, but for most of us, the high heel is not a great every day reality. For many of us, we need a stylish, comfortable, go-to shoe and that means a flat more often than not.

But it’s time to stop buying black. It is. Do not fear The Red. It is your friend.  It loves you and WANTS you to join hands.  Don’t get hung up on getting all matchy-matchy with colors in your outfits.  Here’s a perfect example:

Fall Must Have: Red FlatsImage via Pinterest

See? Green coat, jeans, crisp white shirt and red shoes.  Perfection.

You can totally do this.

Here are a few options and styles for you to try.  Get to shopping!

Fall Must Have: Red Flats

Michael Kors “Fulton” Mocassin

Fall Must Have: Red Flats

Me Too “Paige” Leather Flat

Fall Must Have: Red Flats

French Sole “Sloop” in Suede

Fall Must Have: Red Flats

Prada Patent Leather Loafers

Fall Must Have: Red Flats

Red-Orange Scuba TOMS