Mommy Must Haves: Prom


I went to prom in the 90’s, which for those of you who follow along at home know is basically where my fashion sense got stuck.  So without further stuttering here is my “dream” prom outfit if I was going this year; effortless and cool, two things I definitely was not at my prom. 

Allegro Dress

This dress was made for dancing under cardboard stars and making you feel like the prom queen, even if you weren’t. 

Glitter Coated Mesh Patent Leather Ankle Boots

The grunge girl in me loves pairing boots and dresses, normally doc martens, but for prom I thought a nice heel and a sexy ankle boot would add just the downtown feel to the party dress. 

Audrey Necklace

What can I say, the juxtaposition of tough and sweet, uptown and downtown always gets me.

Kendell Leather Biker Jacket

It may be spring but there is still a chill in the air. To keep from catching a cold I will always fall back on my leather jacket, and how awesome would it look over the strapless dress, like I said effortless cool. 



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