Would You Wear This? Mom Approved Prom Dresses

Don’t expect them to wear a floor-length gown to cover-up if they’re not comfortable doing so, otherwise they could have a nasty spill on the dance floor. Also, make sure that the dress is age appropriate. If it’s questionable whether it’s too low-cut or skews on the older side, then it probably isn’t the best dress pick. Here are six perfect styles that are not only budget-friendly (all under $300) but are sure to please both mother and daughter!

1. Short Strapless Ombre Pick Up Dress, $129

2. Red Morgan Bubble Dress, $290

3. Betsy and Adam Rosette Trim Taffeta Gown, $168

4. Short Strapless Tiered Tulle Dress, $84.50

5. JS Boutique Beaded Chiffon One Shoulder Gown, $198

6. Morgan & Co. Maxi Dress, $169

Wondering what your daughter is looking at? Click HERE to check out teen approved prom dresses. 


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