Snow Boot Style: Trendy Fashion Picks to Beat the Winter Blues

While the kids were content to sit around and go back and forth between the Wii and playdough (really, they’re just happy to miss school), I got more than a little stir crazy.  And what’s a Mom to do when she’s cooped up at home and bored out of her mind?

Why, Shop, of course!  I went on the hunt for more trendy and fun winter pieces to pick me up from an otherwise long and boring winter.

I ended up fixated on finding some fun and chic winter boots.


  • Uggs. Last week I actually finally caved and ordered myself.  While Uggs don’t come cheap, I considered this a splurge to give me a little happiness during these winter months.  I ordered myself the UGG Classic Short in Chocolate Brown ($140)  and here’s what I didn’t think about when I ordered these:  they’re actually functional!  Yes, I really ordered these based on style desire only but I’ve been more than pleasantly surprised at how amazingly warm and comfortable these boots really are!  I can’t recommend them enough – I’m one of those cold-all-of-the-time people and my feet are always toasty warm when I’m wearing my Uggs.
  • While Uggs are wonderful, everyone knows you can’t really go traipsing around in the snow with them.  Looking for a snow boot that can do everything?  This Women’s Snow Boot Betty Pull-On from North Face is a more reasonable price than a pair of Uggs ($80) and can be used for shoveling or getting down and deep in your nearest snow bank.  I like that they slip right on and of course are durable and functional.
  • For something a little in between the Uggs and the North Face (trendy yet still functional in the snow), I like the Women’s Joan of Arctic from Sorel for $130.  The faux fur on the top gives these boots a really urban and stylish design, yet the bottom of the boot is all rough and tumble to handle all sorts of problem ground like slippery ice and banks of snow.  What’s cool too is that the fur is removable so not in the mood for that look one day?  Simply pull out the insert and you have a regular old snow boot. 
  • Looking for something that’s just plain and classic?  You can’t go wrong with the Keen Betty Boot in Black ($110).  These are waterproof, insulated and just a nice color and nice classic pattern that would go with everything (and help you look fab while you’re shoveling up several more inches again from your driveway)


One last note, be sure to shop around for some great sales this time of year.  Already stores are considering “late January” to be a good way into the season so starting soon there will be some fabulous deals on winter items like boots.  Keep an eye out.  This year, I’m also wearing a pair of boots that I got last year at clearance prices in early February.

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