Fun And Chic Cold Weather Accessories

The best part about accessories, especially cold weather accessories, is that you can mix-and-match them with just about any outfit, jacket or shoes you already own.


This winter the accessory trends are inspired by woodland animals like owls, mice and raccoons. In addition to animals, designers are adding practicalities like pockets on scarves (great for stashing chapsticks) and elbow-length gloves to keep every part of you warm and toasty. Go for the cheeky look this winter, go ahead and have fun with your accessories!

  1. Perla Elbow Gloves, $48
  2. Big Owl Ear Muffs, $65
  3. Faux Fur Pom Pom Cable Knit Headband, $24
  4. Fair Isle Pocket Scarf, $24.99
  5. Nordstrom Musical Staff Gloves, $22.99
  6. Cooperative Woodland Earflap Hat, $34
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