15 Nail Art Wraps I’m Crushing on for the Holidays

During the holiday season, we’ve got a lot of parties to attend, from my husband’s work party, to the bash that our neighbor’s down the street plan to throw. I want to look my best, but I don’t have the time to keep my manicure in ship shape, nor do I have the time to change it out to match the outfit I’m wearing. Enter: the holiday nail wrap!

The concept of a nail art wrap is something new to me.


So, what is a nail wrap?

The DIY at-home version of a nail wrap is a thin vinyl sheet with adhesive on one side. Typically, application is as easy as sticking them on your nails, filing them down to your nail length, and applying heat with a hair dryer. That’s it! There’s no dry time needed, and they last as long as it takes your nails to grow out (I typically wear mine for about 2 1/2 weeks before they start to look like they could use a refresh). If you want to remove them when they’re fairly new, you can soak them in acetone to loosen them from your nails, then wipe them off with a cotton ball like you would regular nail polish. But, as they age, they’re easy to peel off without any nail polish remover. You can find nail wraps online (Jamberry is a favorite), or at drugstores (Sally Hansen carries a good selection).

Needless to say, I’m a bit obsessed with how easily I can change the color and style of my nails with nail art, especially during this hectic season.

Check out my favorite picks for the holidays season in the slideshow.