This Easy DIY Dry Shampoo Will Make Your Blowout Last for Days

DIY dry shampoo 1

Like most busy moms, I can’t seem to find the time to wash and blow dry my hair as much as I want (or need) to—and my hair shows it. But dry shampoo has changed all of that. It’s a stellar time-saver because it absorbs excess oil on hair roots to make it look clean in seconds—no rinse or blow-dryer needed. Plus, many stylists and dermatologists say that frequent shampooing can strip away healthy oils and lead to dry, damaged locks. However, while most drugstores carry dry shampoo, when you’re replenishing your stash every couple of weeks, the cost adds up. Plus, it can be full of chemicals. The solution? DIY dry shampoo.


I like to use DIY dry shampoo between washes or when my hair starts to feel oily at the roots. Sometimes I even add a little to my roots after I wash and blow dry to give more volume and texture to my fine hair. I sprinkle it directly onto roots, sparingly.

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below to make your own DIY dry shampoo. I promise it’s a total game-changer.


  • 1 cup bentonite clay to help absorb oil
  • 1 cup arrowroot powder to boost volume
  • cocoa powder to match your hair color (you need more for darker hair, and none if you’re blonde)
  • essential oils (I like to use 5 to 10 drops of lavender essential oil and a couple drops of eucalyptus essential oil or rosemary essential oil)
  • 1 glass or plastic bottle with cap (plus an airtight container for any leftovers)

Instructions:DIY dry shampoo 2.JPG

Step 1: Combine the bentonite clay with the arrowroot powder in a large bowl.

DIY dry shampoo 3.JPG

Step 2: Mix until well combined.

DIY dry shampoo 4.JPG

Step 3: Depending on your hair color, add cocoa powder sparingly. Add more for darker colors. If you’re blonde, like I am, skip this step.

Step 4: Add 10 drops of the essential oils.

DIY dry shampoo 5.JPG

Step 5: Combine well.

Step 6: Pour the mixture into the bottle for application, and store the remainder in an air-tight container in a cool, dark place.

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