How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer With Witch Hazel

As the mom of three kids under age 5, I have never used hand sanitizer more than I do now. And since many stores are completely out of hand sanitizer, a lot of people have resorted to making hand sanitizer from-scratch by following internet recipes. But even with the price-gouging going on, it’s almost impossible to even find rubbing alcohol (60% – 80%) in the stores. Sure, there’s vodka (unless the you’ve already depleted your supply in an effort to calm your nerves about coronavirus) but you can also use witch hazel. Witch hazel is less potent, but it can be found in bulk and it is certainly better than nothing. Plus, the aloe vera has anti-bacterial properties in spades.

And of course, washing your hands with soap really anytime you can is the best bet, for the length of ‘Happy Birthday’ twice  or if you have kids, maybe the ‘Baby Shark’ tune. Avoid touching anything you don’t need to touch, and be mindful of what you do touch – such as door handles and public transportation poles or straps.

Here’s how you can make your own DIY hand sanitizer.



Step 1: Fill your bottle about half full with the witch hazel.

Step 2: Add approximately 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel (or until bottle is ¾ full).

Step 3: Add 12–15 drops of OnGuard or Thieves oil.

Step 4: Add water till bottle is just short of full (you don’t want to overfill because you need room to screw on the spray nozzle), or add more aloe vera instead of water if you want to put this in a squeeze travel bottle instead of a spray bottle.

Step 5: Shake well.

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