51 Messy Hairstyles That Don’t Require Heat

If I have a few minutes before I run out the front door, I typically do three things to polish up my look: I put on a bright lipstick, swipe on mascara, and do a quick hair fix. If you’re a wash-your-hair-at-night type of gal, or are just sick of your go-to ponytail, you’re going to love this list. As a bonus, these hairstyles let you give your flat iron and curling iron a rest. If the season has ravaged your hair and left it brittle, get creative with bobby pins or even try a new braid out—who says you need a heat appliance to have fabulous hair!

Check out my go-to messy hairstyles that don’t require heat in the slideshow.

More DIY No Heat Hairstyles:

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