How to Fill in Brows Like a Pro

Brows really do shape your face and frame the eyes. I neglected my brows for years, and that was a huge mistake. As soon as I started filling them in a bit and keeping the shape up, my face really looked complete. Here are some simple tips for how to fill in brows to keep them looking like you’ve just had them shaped by a pro.


  • tweezers
  • small angled brow brush
  • eye shadow or brow powder in the same shade as your brows
  • eye shadow or brow powder one shade darker than your brows


Step 1: Brush up brows and tweeze any stragglers. Don’t get carried away, but by cleaning up brows you can really achieve great results. Try and see a professional at least twice a year for a strong reshaping.


How to fill in brows like a pro

Step 2: Using a small angled brow brush, apply an eye shadow color in the same shade as your brows. Start at the center to make sure to not over concentrate color too close to your eye. Continue to blend in small brush strokes, working toward inner corners and upward. Using small brush strokes, keep filling in brow with shadow in desired shape, following natural brow hair line. Over shaping can read fake.

How to fill in brows like a pro

Step 3: Next, select an eye shadow shade one shade darker than brow color. Using the same brow brush, apply light brush strokes to brows to create natural looking dimension. By using the two shades, you create a very fresh, natural looking brow that frames your eyes.

How to fill in brows like a proHow to fill in brows like a pro

That’s it!

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