5 Simple Ways to Help Your Teen Banish Acne…For Good

Let’s face it: teenage years are a long, hard road for both parents and teens, without even bringing acne into the mix. There are so many more things your child should be focusing on besides their skin, but as the most visible part of their bodies, it’s often one of the things that consumes them most. Here are some tips for you to share with your teen to help them get through their acne stage. These tips will make their teenage years a little easier for everyone in the family.


  1. Have them clean their cell phone regularly. Think about how much time your teen spends on their phone. Now think about all of the bacteria and dirt on that phone that touches their face. Sometimes simply cleaning the surface of their phone regularly can make a difference.
  2. Stress the importance of avoiding overwashing and underwashing. Washing your face is important, but overwashing strips your skin of its natural oils and can make acne worse. Washing twice a day, morning and night, is perfect.
  3. Make sure an easy-to-use treatment system is on hand at all times. Proactiv+ is a fantastic three-step system that’s a no-brainer for clearing up skin quickly. The directions are very clear, so your teen will feel in control of their acne. 
  4. Give it time. Stress the fact that while they won’t see results overnight, sticking with their daily treatment routine is key to clear skin. 
  5. Hands off! Don’t let them pick or pop. Remind them that popping zits is a surefire way to force bacteria and blockages farther down into the skin, making acne last even longer and possibly leading to scarring and cysts. Turn to a spot treatment (and patience!) instead, and remind them that sticking with their twice-daily regimen is the best way to help get acne under control and prevent future breakouts.

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image: Getty/JGI/Jamie Grill