19 Eco-Conscious Beauty Products I Love

I’ve always known that organic and eco-conscious beauty products were the better choice. Looking for labels with natural ingredients that were sustainably sourced is a no-brainer, but the bummer is that they always seem to come at a steep price. Sometimes seeing that “organic” label was enough to make me avoid a product. It may sound crazy, but I would also sometimes equate all-natural to ineffective.

It was once I got pregnant that I finally wised up. I was looking for products that were better for me during my pregnancy, and of course, better to have around the house once my son was born. Through replacing almost everything on my vanity with all-natural and eco-conscious beauty products, I can truly say that my assumptions about eco-friendly products were wrong.

From hair to skin to makeup, these eco-conscious beauty products give new meaning to going green. Here are my top beauty picks that are just as good for the planet as they are for you. (Check in with your ob-gyn if you are pregnant, before trying anything new).

More Beauty Products That Work:

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