7 Fall Hair Trends to Try

When I was a niña my mom was in charge of my hair. She decided whether I had bangs, whether it was long or short, and whether it would be worn up or down. It involved a lot of hair product. Somewhere around freshman year of high school, though, I was allowed to take the reins. From then on a lot of my time spent in high school and college consisted of getting haircuts that were way too short and highlights that were way too light. Yet, I loved it and even though now when I look back I don’t think I made some of the best decisions, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Since becoming a real life adult and now a mom I’ve been pretty conservative about my hair. Too many lessons learned. But with all the fantastic fall hair trends out there right now I have myself daydreaming of a new ‘do. 

Here are 8 styles worth trying:

More Hair Inspiration:

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