7 Simple Steps To Looking HOT at the Beach

Playing at the beach is one of the most fun summer outings. How to look chic and put together at the beach is another thing. It’s hot, sweaty, and sandy…all the makings of a not so pretty mommy. Don’t fret! I’ve got you covered. Below are tips and tricks to looking hot at the beach—no matter how sweltering and sticky beach days may get.  

Step 1: Apply an oil-free sunscreen with at least SPF 50. Apply to whole face, neck, and chest. 



Step 2: Beach days are the prime opportunity to skip foundation and just give glow and create an even skin tone with highlighting bronzers. Apply bronzer to cheeks and temples. The subtle shimmer will help diffuse skin and smooth the appearance of imperfections. 


Step 3: Brush eyelids with bronzer residue. This will add a healthy sun kissed look to lids and make eyes look more dolled up than the actual work put in. 


Step 4: Apply a waterproof brown liner to lash line. This line doesn’t have to be perfect. 

kaceejuly-8658 Step 5: Blend liner with finger to create smudged effect. 

kaceejuly-8667Step 6: Apply two coats of waterproof mascara.


Step 7: Apply a wash of color on lips. A long lasting stain is a great option to keep color fresh throughout day and bring color into the face. kaceejuly-8680

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