How to Apply Bronzer Like a Pro

Bronzer can go wrong really quickly, but when placed right it can give you that perfect sun kissed glow without the sun or self-tanning. There are a couple methods to getting that glow.

First, decide which type of bronzer suits your taste:

1. Highlighting Powder Bronzer – This is a great choice if you like a subtle glow on cheeks and want a quick application. It can be temperamental if not applied with proper tools like a fan brush or a large powder brush.  

2. Cream Bronzer – This is perfect for contouring. You will need to be precise with this application and be prepared to BLEND.

3. Matte Powder Bronzer – Matte options are always best for mature skin or if you aren’t a fan of any shimmer on the face. This is best applied with a fan brush or a large powder brush.


Using the cream bronzer option, I will show the proper placement for this product. Keep reading to see how to apply bronzer like a pro.

Step 1: Apply an even stroke on outer hairline on forehead, then apply a line from ear to mid cheek under cheekbones on jawline.


Step 2: Blend like crazy. Blending is the key to making this option look natural. I like using a small blush brush. 

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You can also top off the cream bronzer with a highlighting bronzer to give glow to cheeks and make it look like you have spent the day at the beach. 


Step 3: Using a large powder brush sweep apples of cheeks and temples with your highlighting bronzer.


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