Easy-to-Manage Short Haircuts That Don’t Scream “Mom”

My crazy-busy routine doesn’t allow for a lot of time to get ready in the AM. Before I cut my hair short, it went from a bun, to a wet braid, to a greasy ponytail all within a day—anything to get it out of my face. Not long after, I needed to just get with the program and I got my hair chopped off—something I never thought I’d do prior to getting pregnant.

Once cutting it short, I wanted to always maintain wash-and-wear hair that is flattering and, let’s be honest, a bit sassy. The number one criteria in my change-up is that it couldn’t look like “mom hair.”

If you’re in the same boat, these short hairstyles are completely easy-to-manage, totally on-trend, and perfect for keeping your hair out of your face all day. Check them out in the slideshow.

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