5 Ways to Get Out the Door Faster in the Morning

As parents, we all know that when it comes to mornings with kids, every single second counts. Meaning: If you manage to shave off 20 seconds here and there you might have given yourself a smoother morning, or at least an extra swipe of mascara

And since the summer is all about easy-livin’, I think that anything that helps make the a.m. routine a tad less onerous & a bit more breezy, and the results (at least in terms of how I look) more beautiful—well, that is a winner.

Here are a few of the things I’m summer-lovin’ to help me get out the door faster right now.

1. The fastest, most gorgeous gel-like manicure—WITHOUT the UV light

It’s pretty much no secret by now that gel manicures are the way to go when it comes to long-lasting, super-shiny nails. But not everyone has the time or money to hit up the salon. That’s why I threw up my hands in glee when the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel came across my desk. Two coats of polish, one coat of the clear topcoat, and voila: You have a gel-like finish that really truly rivals the salon manicures for shine and durability. It comes in a boatload of colors, from bright and bold to soft and subdued. **Want even LESS of a “done” look, while still having nails that look ready for a close-up? Three words: Dior Nail Glow. The perfectly sheer jelly-like pink gives your nails a boost of clear color without actually depositing real color. The whites are brightened, the nail beds look just…healthier. It’s almost like a mini french manicure, without the fussiness and much less obvious. Seriously, I’ve already gone through a few bottles of this stuff, it’s that amazing.



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