How to Get the Most Out of Your Hair Wash

Being busy mamas there isn’t a lot of time to be styling our “do” every day. The goal is to stay fabulously polished but keep practical. The benefits of not washing your hair every day are that your hair stays stronger and healthier by using its nautral oils. Also, by omitting heat styling your hair stays shinier longer. Here are four days of “no wash” styling to show you how to get the most out of your hair wash and to get out the door without having to wash and dry your hair every day. 

Day 1 post shower blow out: Spray some dry shampoo on roots for body lift and oil obsorbtion. Your style should still be in pretty good shape.

Day 2 post shower: Sweep back hair in fun headband or clip.  Add a bit more dry shampoo if you start feeling a little greasy at roots.


Day 3 post shower: Secure hair back in playful braids or twists.  This will get hair out of your face and because of dry shampoo and naural oils your hair should stay put in a braid and look great. 


Day 4 post shower: This is the day you want to up the ante on your hair accessories. By pulling hair back in fun scarf or on trend panama hat you can conceal your now pretty dirty hair and still look adorable. 


More Hair Styling Tips:

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