How to Make Bright Lipstick Stay Put

Before kids, rocking a fun bright lip was a no-brainer. It’s the quickest way to look ‘made up’ without having to spend a ton of time actually putting on makeup. Now that I have two daughters, the fear of getting it all over the place is real. Although my kids look adorable with a big mommy smooch on their cheeks, it’s not always ideal. Here are some tried and true tricks to keeping your pout on point. Keep reading to find out how to apply bright lipstick.

STEP 1: First, make sure you have exfoliated your lips either with a lip scrub (try this yummy coconut honey DIY scrub) or some sugar and lip balm. An older toothbrush is a great tool for sloughing dead skin from lips.


STEP 2: Apply lip balm all over lips.

bright lip 1

STEP 3: This next step looks crazy but is the magic trick! Apply your foundation or concealer all over your lips to create a primed and blank canvas.

bright lip 2

STEP 4: Then draw a line all around the outer line of your lips with a lip barrier like this one. This will create a wall so your lipstick won’t bleed into any minor creases and create that dreaded feathered look.

bright lip 3

STEP 5: Next pick a liner that is close to or the match of your lipstick color. Carefully line your lips creating sharp lines for a crisp clean look. Having a sharpened liner helps achieve this. Then fill in the entire lip with the liner. This will help the color stay when the lipstick goes on. You will never have that horrible liner and no lipstick look.

bright lip 4

STEP 6: Now time for the main event—your lipstick. Apply your favorite lip color all over lips. Blot once using a tissue and go back for round two of the color. Sharpen up any edges with your lip liner.

bright lip 5

STEP 7: Some amazing inexpensive lip stains for major lip-staying power are Revlon Just Bitten and CoverGirl Outlast.

bright lip 6

Voila! Lips stay all day.

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