How to Get a Younger Looking Neck


As I approach my late 30s, I find myself inundated with warnings about my neck. Apparently it will begin sagging, signs of age will become more than apparent, and I'll be relegated to a life of turtlenecks and scarves. It could be worse, I suppose, but who needs that kind of first world problem on top of everything else in life?

Like most of you, I also believe in nurturing myself, my skin, my body, and my overall well being. Naturally, that extends to everything from my fitness routine to my skin care products. So I'll do everything in my power to avoid turkey neck, thank you very much.

In my quest to discover the best way to do exactly that, I realized that I really was suffering from neck neglect. There's no other way to phrase it—that insufferable malady that probably affects the majority of us, even though we would never admit it. But think back for a moment. When was the last time you focused on your neck in the same way you pondered that blemish on your chin or that bit of cellulite on your thigh?

Of course, it's completely normal to go through the whole evening routine—massaging on an anti-aging cream, dabbing on eye cream, pulling hair back in a loose bun before hitting the sack. Unfortunately, it's far less common to do much to the neck, but the good news is that achieving firm skin and enjoying the appearance of a more youthful-looking neck won't take you far out of your comfort zone at all. Keep reading to find out how to get a younger looking neck.

Sun protection. This is your first line of defense, period—skimping on this step is just a plain bad idea, unless the idea of waging war against your neck for decades somehow appeals to you. Your neck is especially susceptible to sun damage, including dark spots, so it's important to protect it in the same way you do your face and the rest of your body. Apply it liberally, moving your hands in an upward motion and massaging it all over your neck.

Exfoliation. You slough off dead skin from your face and body on a regular basis, yet somehow your poor neck is completely overlooked during the process. Exfoliating your neck is an important step in the quest for younger-looking skin. Doing so allows the active ingredients in your neck treatments to be more readily absorbed. Think of it as a blank canvas. When you exfoliate your neck, you're setting the stage for smoother, more beautiful skin. Just be sure to opt for something gentle, like a soft facial brush or a mild scrub.

Wrinkle reduction. Nip wrinkle development in the bud with a powerful anti-aging treatment formulated especially for the relatively inelastic, thin skin on the neck. A higher concentration of age-defense ingredients makes these products especially effective in stimulating the skin's natural production of collagen, and hyper-moisturizing contents contribute to their efficacy. This is vital in preventing fine lines and wrinkles, encouraging elasticity, and leaving the skin smooth and supple.

Botox. The popular injectable can work wonders on necks that show dominant signs of aging, such as telltale "necklace" lines, sagging, and wrinkles. Using Botox in your 30s may be the key to preventing signs of damage, by relaxing the muscles to create a more defined, sleek appearance.

Surgical procedures. Preventative measures only go so far. At some point, it may be necessary to pay a visit to your dermatologist for intervention. For example, no cream on the planet can actually tighten skin that has loosened, diminish fat, or strengthen weakened neck muscles. But a neck lift or neck liposuction procedure may do the job. These are costly treatments that will take some time out of your day, but they may be worth it if you're troubled by the condition of your neck.

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