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Here’s Why You Should Teach Kids Proper Skin Care Early

Teach them while they’re young – a mantra we’ve all heard before. Teaching children healthy habits such as brushing and flossing, bathing daily and brushing their hair at a young age will ensure they will carry these habits with them forever. But did you know proper skin care is also an essential habit they should learn while they’re young?

Learning to properly clean their skin and prevent skin damage will allow kids’ skin to remain healthy as they age – that means less acne and fewer wrinkles in their later years.


To get deeper into the subject we turn to Jennifer Bunkers, founder of TruKid, a brand that makes skin care for kids, to get her take on why children should develop a daily skin care routine early on.


“As children grow older, they want to become more independent, showing mom and dad they’re a ‘big kid’ now. Giving them a morning routine will make them feel grown-up, just like mom and dad.”

Healthy Habits

“By starting a habit early, it will become ingrained in your child’s daily routine like brushing their teeth or washing their hands.”

Early Prevention

“The daily use of sunscreen increasingly prevents skin cancer later in life. Applying daily will prevent sunburns/sun damage during recess, team sports, walking to school, etc.”

Builds Resistance

“Using a daily skin care routine will help build up an outer layer of skin that is resistant to outside aggressors, such as germs and dirt, which will help prevent acne during their teenage years.”

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