how to do a spa manicure at home

DIY: Spa Manicure at Home

Who doesn’t love treating themselves to a fresh mani-pedi once in a while? Although they leave you saying “ahh," frequenting a salon every two weeks can really dent your pocketbook over time.  So, why not give yourself an at-home manicure? If you’re like most, you’re thinking, “Well it just never looks the same when I do it."

You CAN get a gorgeous spa manicure at home. Below are all the products you’ll need and the steps you need to take to to do it yourself. If you invest in good quality tools and supplies, they will give you the high priced-look and your mani will last longer.

What You'll Need:

  • Nail tool set (clippers, file, cuticle nipper, buffing file, & cuticle pusher/cleaner)
  • Nail brush
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Base & top coat
  • Nail polish of choice (check out the hottest winter nail polish colors)
  • Cuticle oil or cream
  • Hand cream
  • Small bowl & towel

How to:

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