How to Get Your Makeup on Smoothly

Getting a flawless look means wearing smooth, velvety makeup that leaves you luminescent—not cakey cosmetics that settle into fine lines and creases. Fortnately, we’ve got beauty tips and tricks that will help you put your best face forward.


There’s a lot of effort that goes into appearing effortless, but following these steps will be well worth it when a radiant reflection is peering back at you in the mirror.

Step 1: Essential Exfoliation

Just as an artist doesn’t work on a raggedy canvas, you shouldn’t apply foundation to uneven, flaky skin—you’ve got to get that face smooth and silky. Regular exfoliation should be a part of your beauty routine, but it’s never more important than before you “put on your face.” Buffing away dead skin cells leaves your skin ready for an even application.  

Step 2: Don’t Comprise—Moisturize

You should moisturize every day to stay fresh faced, but slathering on an emollient before applying makeup is essential to getting silky skin. Makeup will melt into hydrated, plump cells giving it a natural ease and glow.  Make sure to moisturize about 30 minutes before makeup application so your skin has a chance to absorb it properly.

Step 3: Prepare with Primer

Preparing your canvass (face) properly is vital before you smooth on foundation. Primers make skin even by filling in pits, scars, and balancing out redness. These nifty creams also help keep makeup from running and smudging throughout the day. Choose a primer that will banish shine and gives your skin a matte finish.

Step 4: Meet Your Match

When selecting a foundation, it’s imperative you match your skin tone so that it blends naturally into your face, making you appear immaculate—not heavily made up. To find your exact color, you’ve got to put makeup to the test. When at the store, choose three shades and apply each to your jaw line so you can find a one that works from your face to your neck. Carry a compact and walk around, looking at the effect in different lights, including sunlight and artificial light. The foundation that seems to melt into your skin is the right choice.     

Step 5: Ready . . . Set!

After applying your foundation and finishing your makeup, dip a large brush in loose powder, and swipe your t-zone to set. This will keep everything in place and zap any remaining shine.

Step 6: Make it Mist

This step is optional, but you’ve come this far and if you really want to ensure perfection, just add a little mist. Makeup mists help set your face and keep shine at bay. You can also spray your brushes to banish gunk build-up for easy application.

You’re ready to go! Slip some blotting wipes into your bag for emergencies, and head out the door confident and picture perfect.

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