Spa Parties

There’s something oh-so-soothing about leaving all the work to someone else and just escaping for a little while.


Girls also love some indulgence, and a fun theme for a girly-girl birthday bash (or really a celebration of any kind) is a spa party. Invite her closest friends (and even their moms, if you want it to be a mommy-daughter ‘do), gather up some beauty products, play some fun music everyone can sing along to, prepare a few sweet treats, and give your princess the ultimate in royal treatment.

Obviously children can’t have the same “spa-like” treatments you might try, like harsh facials or scrubs, because their skin is much too sensitive, so the younger the crowd the simpler you should keep things – set up a nail-painting station (with tubs of warm water to soak feet, bottles of polish, and a few little nail decal stickers), a hair-do area (with barrettes, headbands, and maybe even a few pin-in coloured extensions designed for kids), and buy a couple of temporary tattoos that you can help the children to apply. If the girls are a bit older, you can find a few homemade recipes for safe and gentle face masks, or purchase a cool Henna kit and let the girls give each other whimsical designs that are temporary.

For the menu, opt for easy-to-eat finger foods that everyone will love, from grown-up-like chocolate-covered strawberries to fruit and yogurt dip and tea sandwiches. Set up interactive food stations, like make-your-own sundaes or pizzas. Serve sparkling lemonade in fancy cups with funky striped bendy straws and cute paper umbrellas, or let older girls prepare their own virgin cocktails.

If you’re looking for decoration ideas for spa parties turn to colour themes – pink and white polka dots are a classic girly combo, as are soft hues like purples, stripes, or even a rainbow of pastels. Carry this through in the paper plates and cups, the cake (or cupcakes), streamers, banners, and more.

Favours are a great way to complete the spa party experience. Buy gift bags or something unique like metal pails and fill them with spa products, such as nail files, lip gloss, body glitter, and costume jewellery. You can also create a candy buffet and before each guest leaves give them a container, such as a Chinese food takeout box, to fill with their favourites.

Spa parties are a fun way for little girls to bond and celebrate a milestone, just as they are for mommies. A new coat of nail polish, a sugary snack, and a few giggles always equal a great time. And besides, who doesn’t love a little extravagance with their best girlfriends?


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