Weigh in on Plastic Surgery: Do You Adore it or Abhor it?

Have you read the recent discussion on Julia Roberts and the interest in her chest? Did she undergo breast augmentation or didn’t she? One article seems to suggest (with convincing photographs) that the now post-forty Pretty Woman, who once openly discussed her opposition to plastic surgery, may have reconsidered her position. Where do you stand on body enhancement?

Evolving Body Image Issues with Age

We know the day is coming, or maybe has already arrived, when we notice certain body parts no longer behave in the manner we desire. Many moms I know have voiced their discord over sagging breasts and weary bottoms that have not escaped the passage of time. We begin to notice the inevitable that comes with an aging body.  How do we as women, many of us who already often struggle with our identities, make peace with body struggles as they evolve? As mothers, we are often forced to straddle the fence between nurturing caregivers and independent professionals. Is it possible to still be sexy once we add “mother” to our credentials? Do you see yourself through critical and confused eyes?

United We Stand (as Women)

Just as there continues to be a great divide between working mothers and stay at home moms, there seems to be an unspoken rivalry between women who opt for plastic surgery and those who choose to stay the course of au natural. I know I have sensed the undercurrent of smugness among certain women who have chosen the tummy tuck and breast augmentation route, in the same way I have felt judgment from women who say they would “never” go under the knife. Maybe we can all agree to disagree? No one parenting style works for all families, just as not everyone has to be in the same camp when it comes to implants.

Embrace Your Body, or Enhance It?

Maybe some of us had an opinion about surgery in our Roaring Twenties when our chest was still a perky shelf. Does this mean we cannot allow for evolution of thinking as the years pass? I have several athletic friends who are not what many might consider “the type” for undergoing elective surgery. After a couple of kids, however, some of my friends wanted their chests to resemble pre-pregnancy/pre-breastfeeding days. Contrary to popular opinion, breast augmentation did not, in any way, impede their active lifestyles. In fact, there appeared to be such a huge surge in their self-confidence, it almost seemed the obvious choice.

Society’s Influence and the Plastic Surgery Debate

We live in a society that continues to perpetuate the quest for the “perfect” body. How can we even define what “flawless” constitutes when we come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors? Who decided what the “acceptable” mold embodies, anyway? If a woman is content with her body, should she really feel pressured to pursue surgical intervention? Conversely, if she is unhappy with her figure, should she be judged for seeking what she may view as an improvement?

Our Choices Shape our Bodies, But Not Necessarily Our Character

The way I see it, we can accept our evolving bodies gracefully, or we can augment them as we see fit. A woman’s relationship with her body is such a personal one; it seems unfair for us to judge each other, regardless of where we stand on the surgery debate. Maybe we need to celebrate the fact that we have the freedom to choose.

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