Mommy Must-Have: The All-In-One Cooker (With 24 Functions!), Thermomix

Thermomix has a total cult following, but if you live in the USA you probably wouldn’t know. I’m half German and went to a French school so I’ve been hearing buzz about this all-in-one cooker with more than 24 functions for years now. It wasn’t until I started juggling a child and working from home, however, that it really caught my attention (and it is starting to get major traction in America now too). I kept hearing over and over from my European friends that this could change the game – whether you love or hate cooking. This is especially intriguing in the context of knowing how beneficial it is to have kids involved in the kitchen. So what exactly is Thermomix?


It’s basically as close to a kitchen robot as you can get. It has 24 cooking modes that work to prep ingredients and cook them (it even functions as a scale) meaning it takes one pot cooking to a whole other level. It also works in tandem with an app that has over 60,000 recipes that were developed specifically for the device. Setup is easy and you’re basically guided through everything you need to do. The Thermomix mixes and heats in one vessel with ingredients that are precisely measured out as you go via an integrated scale (the only downside is if you put too much of an ingredient you basically have to fish it out which can be challenging). It will also do things I hate to do .. like chop onions! Plus for babies, it can steam and blend. All is controlled via touchscreen panel allowing you to be a lot more hands-free when cooking from scratch.

Like most fancy kitchen appliances, Thermomix doesn’t come cheap. It retails for about $1,500 but with sticker shock it’s important to remember that it not only acts like a luxury blender (think Vitamix) but also cooks, stirs and literally chops for you, thereby replacing a host of other products that would otherwise be cluttering up your counter (food processor, standup mixer etc as well) and saving you a ton of time and energy. That said, it’s hard to recommend it for “everyone” given the price, but there really is no do-it-all gadget like this on the market, so if it is in your budget, it’s something worth considering and they have a unique selling model whereby you can actually schedule a free demo. Depending on where you live it will be virtual or in-person.

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