Virginia Son Pulls Mother Out of Nursing Home Citing Improper Care

In Virginia, a son has opted to pull his mom from a nursing home that failed to care for her. According to WAVY, Justin Bozeman placed his mother in the facility to receive critical rehab care and physical therapy. Not even a week later, he’s removing her from their care.

Nursing Home Failed to Live Up to Promises


Bozeman reported to WAVY that his mother, Tamara Bozeman, did not receive the care promised at Autumn Care of Norfolk. He cites “a lack of proper care and a lack of communication with family” as his reasons for removing his mother from the facility.

Tamara and her son were seeking a facility where she could undergo rehab and physical therapy. Recently, the mom lost strength from an extended hospital stay. She’s been battling COPD, kidney failure, diabetes, and other related conditions.

“We were told that therapy would be three times a day, Monday through Friday,” reports Bozeman. In reality, the facility was only issuing this therapy for “15 minutes, every other day.”

Additionally, Tamara was supposed to receive dialysis three times per week, but apparently the logistics of it were “chaotic.” Bozeman reports that due to transportation confusion, “we don’t know who’s taking her” and that she’s missed dialysis due to this.

Bozeman Cites a Distressing Occasion

Bozeman further added that the staff didn’t seem to know how to dress his mother for cold weather, and didn’t have proper first aid.

“It was 28 degrees and the only thing that they had given her time to put on was her little housecoat, a sweater-type thing,” he says. “They didn’t know that she was going, they weren’t prepared, they didn’t have breakfast prepared for her.”

“It’s the lack of care being given from the nurses, the aides, the LPNs. The nurses would hang up on me and my sister when we’re trying to talk to them,” Bozeman reports.

He cites one specific occasion where his mother bled near her dialysis port and the facility didn’t have basic first aid supplies. “The nurse instantly said, and I was on the phone, ‘We don’t have bandages, I don’t have tape for you,'” says Bozeman, who then went out to purchase the supplies himself.

“No more nursing homes,” says Bozeman, who is pulling his mother out as soon as possible.

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