Mom Hears 10-Month-Old Son For the First Time With Miracle-Ear Aid

Cierra Johnson (28)—a St. Pete, Florida, mom—has been getting by, most of her life, with the help of sound amplifiers. However, when her son was born, Admiral, now 10-months-old, she knew ‘getting by’ wasn’t good enough. She went searching for a miracle and found the aptly named, Miracle-Ear.

Determined to Find a Miracle

Low mumblings of life around her were all that Johnson was ever able to hear, reported ABC Action News, WFTS (Tampa Bay). Even her sound amplifiers really only did what their name suggests—amplify low mumblings to louder mumblings.


When Johnson’s son, Admiral, was born, she had to use a stethoscope just to monitor his breathing, which simply put… wasn’t good enough. “I must hear everything,” she told ABC, “I’ve been wanting to be a mom for a long time… and I have to be at the top of my game, especially with my condition.”

Miracle-Ear’s ‘Gift of Sound’ Program

Taking on the cost of a substantial hearing-aid, though, was out of the question for Johnson, financially. But lucky for her, this is exactly why the Miracle-Ear Foundation exists; specifically, its ‘Gift of Sound’ program.


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From the foundation’s website, “The Miracle-Ear Foundation’s Gift of Sound hearing aid program helps children and adults with hearing loss gain access to hearing aids. The program is designed for people who demonstrate a personal inability to financially provide for their hearing health needs.”

For qualified patients, the program supports those in need with free hearing aids and a lifetime supply of follow-up services; truly a miracle program in today’s healthcare landscape.

Jennifer Phillips, a Miracle-Ear hearing aid specialist, has been Johnson’s guide through the program, and told ABC, “We have actually donated over 30,000 hearing aids, and they were funded in 1990.”

How Miracle-Ear Changed Cierra Johnson’s Life

Thirty years of expertise and generosity are now at Johnson’s fingertips, with Phillips watching over her progress, every step of the way.

“She’s not gonna have to ask people to repeat, she’s not gonna miss things, she’ll be able to hear it clearly the first time and be able to participate in conversations, not feel left out,” said Phillips.

Little things, to most of us; hardly even thought about, but for Johnson… everything.

“I’m delighted. I’m overjoyed. I’m happy. I’m legitimately happy. I feel like myself,” said Johnson.

The Miracle-Ear Foundation helps those in need, like Cierra Johnson, by way of monetary support through donations. If you would like to contribute to creating a life-changing moment like this one for someone looking for a miracle, you can do so at any Miracle-Ear location, or donate online.

Can you imagine not being able to hear your newborn? What things would you have missed out on, that you distinctly remember hearing? Let us know in the comments below.

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