I’m Declaring It A Mom Bod Summer

Ah, summertime. When the sun shines, the temperature rises, and we spend most of the day outside. However, summer isn’t just a time of frolicking and having fun. With the heat and the beach and pool days, many of us Mamas get to grapple with the full-on crisis of trying to keep our confidence high in the season of wearing less – a truly vulnerable state.

Why is this struggle so real? Probably because of the stamps of motherhood we literally wear on our skin. One minute you’re young and carefree, and the next you’re stuffing a body that’s nearly unrecognizable into your swimsuit while trying to hold back the tears. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Sure, we can all work on our self-love, and that’s definitely worth the effort. However, even beyond that, I say as a collective we rebel against this tendency to cover up our insecurities and jiggly bits. Let’s say eff that, and celebrate our curves and sags with the mom bod summer!


That’s right ladies- let’s just let it all hang out and have one less thing to stress about in the sweltering heat of the coming months.  Mom bods would get normalized if we all just took to the streets in glorious, spaghetti strapped droves. I wanna see jiggly bods, pale bods, scarred bods, alllllll the bods.

I wanna see stretch marks and textured skin, ripples, lumps, and droopy bits. Rest assured, I mean this in the least creepy way possible, but I wanna see mom bods all over the place, so many of us proudly flaunting our imperfections that even the most self-conscious among us will have no choice but to tear off those baggy clothes and let the sun shine on our normally concealed body parts. I simply cannot survive another summer of fetching things for everyone else while still carrying the weight of trying to look perfect. I’m smacking that shit down and inviting y’all to join me.

Normal bodies won’t be fully normalized as long as we all carry this messed-up assumption that our bodies are lesser than. Let’s celebrate the mom bod. Comfort first and resist the urge to compare. Let’s toss out the bad feelings and realize that we’re all just out here doing our best and trying to endure the heat with our families.

For far too long, we moms have allowed our insecurities to call the shots when it comes to weather-appropriate summer wear, and to this, we say no more! Why is it that the Dad bod enjoys the spoils of a “zero effs given” status but we don’t have the luxury of doing the same? Mom bods won’t be accepted as the norm unless we treat them like the norm.

So the next time you have the urge to wear pants or a sweater in the heat for the sole reason of covering up your “flaws”, RESIST! We’re tired, hot, and we need a break.

Mom Bod Summer. It’s a thing, pass it on.

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